The Doctoral Course

The International Research Doctoral Course in “Forms of cultural exchange”, in collaboration with the University of Augsburg (DE), is established pursuant to art. 10 of DM 45/2013, from the 35th cycle, a.y. 2019/2020, with administrative seat at the University of Trento.


The Doctoral Course focuses on the specific theme of cultural exchanges between neighboring areas and in synchronic and diachronic perspective (ancient/modern). The Project, which is mainly related to the Disciplinary Area 10, was developed in the context of the actions of the Plan of Excellence funded by MIUR and is part of the project presented by the Department of Humanities. Its innovative structure makes it unique in the Italian and international context both for the number of disciplines involved, and for the resulting highly interdisciplinary character, both for its thematic and methodological specificity. 

The theme of the Doctoral Course is the deepening and analysis of material and symbolic exchanges that relate a conflict of cultures that communicate in space or time and condition each other by producing transformations of their constituent characteristics. This occurs in the context of social practices, customs and institutions, the arts and language. All these dimensions of cultural exchange, well known to anthropology, are instead only partially explored by historical, philological, artistic and linguistic disciplines.

Training and education

The Doctorate is intended to train researchers and scholars capable of investigating how to transfer certain elements from one culture to another. This will be done through the most advanced tools available to the disciplines involved in the project, further enhanced by the activities of the five laboratories, created within the Centre for Advanced Humanistic Studies (CeASHum) and with the decisive contribution of the IT-humanistic tools being developed at the Department itself.

The Doctoral Course offers an annual training offer aimed at providing advanced skills in the specific field of studies on intercultural exchanges applied to linguistic, literary, philological, historical and historical-artistic disciplines through a series of specific seminar activities proposed by the professors of the Universities of Trento and Augsburg and other international professors working at CeASHum. The training activities of the course include collateral activities, such as conferences and conferences, organized by the two affiliated institutions. The projects constituting the Doctorate include the elaboration of a concept of doctoral teaching to be elaborated in collaboration with the Design Research Lab of the Department of Humanities.

The training of doctoral students takes place in the premises of the two partner universities. In addition, doctoral candidates may propose to proceed with the research provided for in their study project at other international universities. Doctoral students may also propose dissertation projects in co-protection of theses with other international universities, on the basis of the congruence between specific projects and skills present there.