The International Doctoral Course in "Forms of cultural exchange" has as its specific objective the training of figures with high professionalism and autonomy in the field of studies on the dynamics of exchanges, conflicts and interactions between cultures. The Doctorate is part of the Disciplinary Area 10 - Ancient, philological-literary and historical-artistic sciences.

The Doctoral Course offers annually a series of training activities presented at the beginning of each academic year in the Manifesto of Studies. The CeASUm is organised jointly with the Department through its own laboratories, and the other educational and research structures of the Parties, seminars, meetings and other training events. The PhD students are required to participate according to the procedures indicated in the Manifesto of Studies. The seminars will be held in Italian, German, English or any other language appropriate to the subject matter of the seminars themselves. The didactic proposal is divided into the following types:

  1. research methodology courses in the specific areas covered by the doctorate;
  2. cross-curricular courses in the various disciplines for research training and research communication;
  3. thematic and disciplinary seminars;
  4. seminars for the presentation and discussion of research projects as they progress;
  5. courses and seminars at other institutions in Italy or abroad;
  6. participation in conferences, seminars and workshops, in-house and at other institutions.

During the three-year period, scientific conferences will be organized to prepare doctoral seminars; training activities will also be provided in the fields of language, information technology, research management, knowledge of research systems and funding systems, exploitation of research results and intellectual property.

The Course anticipates didactic and research activities will also be carried out at the University of Augsburg. Teaching activities are organised as seminars in the following way:

  • first year: seminars totalling a minimum of 48 hours;
  • second year: seminars totalling a minimum of 12 hours;
  • third year: seminars totalling a minimum of 12 hours.