Admission to the final examination

PhD students must attend 12-hour seminars in their third year. The doctoral thesis is written in English or in another language, subject to the authorization of the Academic Board.

By the end of the third year of the course, they must submit their application for admission to the final examination (by module and procedure, see the in-depth study "Achievement of title "), which will be assessed by the Academic Board, which, having obtained the opinion of the supervisor, approves the application for admission to the final exam and identifies two or more evaluators (referees), chosen from highly qualified teachers and researchers, external to both the Academic Board and the partner Universities of Trento and Augsburg.

The referees receive:

  • a copy of the PhD thesis;
  • the candidate's CV listing any publications.

Within 60 days of receiving the documentation, referees deliver a written analytical assessment of the thesis and recommend admission to the viva voce exam or postponement of up to six months should significant additions or corrections be necessary.

Fulfilment of the requirements of the doctoral candidates admitted to the final exam (see the in-depth study "Final examination")

Final exam

The final exam for attaining the joint title of "Dottore di ricerca" in Italian and corresponding "Doktor der Philosophie" in German consists of a discussion of the thesis held in public in front of a special Panel that is proposed by the Coordinating Committee and appointed by the Rector of the University of Trento and by the President of the University of Augsburg.

The Commission formulates an opinion on the thesis presented by the candidate and on the outcome of the interview and also expresses an overall assessment. The Diploma, signed by the Rector/President of the two Universities, will show the logos of the Parties and the specific mention that the title is valid in each order with the name provided by the respective regulations on the subject.

In case of negative judgment, the doctoral student loses the right to discuss the thesis again.

For the procedures for the award of the diploma, see the in-depth study "Final examination”.