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The provisions governing the Doctoral Course can be found in the University Regulations on Doctoral Research and in the Internal Regulations of the Doctoral Course (see link to the University Page).

Mission procedure

The mission may not have as its destination your residence, or place of work (Trento). For more information, see here the il "Regulations for missions cariied out from 1 September 2015 (with operational notes) valid at the University.


Go to the personal page "MyUnitn"; click on "Travel management"; read all the instructions and proceed with the filling in of the form "Request for mission authorization"; click on "Send authorization". NB: in the Fund/project fields write "Forms of cultural exchange" and the cycle you are enrolled in. The mission authorization request must be filled in well in advance; requests received on the same date or after the scheduled date of departure cannot be accepted. See the procedure in the Downloads file.

The study period, whether in Italy or abroad, must be authorised:

  • with on-line request on the "MyUnitn" page if the period is less than one month;
  • by the Coordinator if the duration is greater than or equal to one month and less than six months through the form in the Download area and subsequent online request in the personal page "MyUnitn";
  • by the Academic Board if longer than six months through a letter of request to the Board and subsequent online request in the personal page "MyUnitn".

NB: In any case, doctoral students who spend any period of study/research in Italy or abroad, before departure, must send by e-mail to the Coordinator the favorable opinion of their supervisor.


Go to the personal page of "MyUnitn"; click on "Travel management". To receive reimbursement of expenses incurred, you must complete the "Mission Settlement Request". After completing and describing the expenses for which you intend to request reimbursement, submit the originals of the documents to the Procurement and Accounting Office of the City, in via Verdi n. 26 - Department of Sociology, 2nd floor. NB: if the total expenses exceed the amount of Euro 77.47, the delivery of documents, must be accompanied by a stamp of 2.00 Euro.

At the end of each period abroad, the doctoral student is required to submit to the Support Division of Doctoral Courses and Higher Education Polo City and Rovereto in Via Verdi n. 26 - Department of Sociology, I plan a certificate issued by the host institution that reports the period and the activities carried out at it.


The doctoral student who holds a scholarship, for each continuous period abroad, not less than 1 month and up to 18 months, has the right, in addition to the reimbursement of expenses, also to the increase of the scholarship (see the page Doctoral scholarship increase for any information in this regard); the doctoral student who does not hold a scholarship can only request reimbursement of the expenses incurred in carrying out the mission.

Authorisation to carry out extra-doctoral activities

PhD students must be authorised by the Academic Board to carry out any paid work activity, otherwise they will be excluded from the Course. In the Download area you will find the form for requesting authorization.